Swoop, a leader in digital pharmaceutical advertising, announced today an exclusive partnership with health data provider IPM.ai to leverage their database on the medical history of 280 million Americans in order to serve ads that are optimized towards unique diagnosed visitors (CPUDV). This makes Swoop the only digital advertising platform that offers real-time optimization for the metric that is most closely linked to prescription lift and is a powerful indicator of audience quality.

This proprietary technology will allow pharmaceutical marketers the ability to optimize against metrics traditionally used only for measurement. Increasing the amount of media spend that is going towards a diagnosed patient for your disease state will both increase ROI as well as help eliminate fraudulent traffic.

“This is a giant step forward for the entire pharma marketing industry,” says Swoop CEO and co-founder Ron Elwell. “Brands have had access for some time to CPUDV and prescription lift data, but it’s always been a trailing indicator, coming out months after the media has run, with no ability to actually improve performance during a campaign. This allows us to leverage what digital is good at: making optimizations against real-world health outcomes that drive sales.

“AI and big data have always held the promise of driving more informed and strategic decisions,” said Elwell. “By combining years of health data on 280 million people with the online health browsing habits of the general population, Swoop has brought this ability to pharmaceutical marketers. No longer is it measurement for measurement’s sake, but rather a powerful strategic tool that brings real-time optimization of a real-world result.”

For more information on Swoop’s HIPAA-compliant pharmaceutical ad offering with Cost per Unique Diagnosed Visitor and thus RX lift optimization, contact the company at [email protected] or check us out at swoop.com.  Information on IPM.ai can be found at www.ipm.ai.