Transparency is top of mind for digital advertisers, thanks in large part to some widely-publicized issues regarding ads being displayed on non-brand-safe content. At Swoop, we have always been strongly dedicated to our clients’ brand equity, and have built a system that protects and supports it in multiple ways:


Our network of websites is curated and monitored constantly, ensuring that your brand’s message shows in known, high-quality content.

Direct Relationships

We do not bid on ad exchange content. Every ad impression we serve is from one of the above-mentioned curated group of high-quality websites.


Clients’ ads do not show where they don’t want them to show. Swoop’s direct relationship with quality websites allows us to effectively blacklist any sites a brand is concerned about once, without having to play the equivalent of blacklist-wack-a-mole.


Speaking of blacklisting, our system for doing so actually works. Because the relationship is simple – advertiser direct to Swoop, Swoop to publisher direct – there is no complex, uncontrollable ecosystem to “accidentally” keep ads showing where we’ve blacklisted. The supply is us. The demand is us. The blacklist is real, and the buck stops here.

Media Flexibility

Video advertising has been at the heart of much of the recent controversy. Fortunately, Swoop is able to connect brands’ video advertising content to users via the same direct relationships with high-quality, endemic sites.

This is not a new focus for Swoop – we’ve been very cognizant of the importance of curating an advertising experience that is both safe for our client brands and highly-converting, which is how we’ve built ourselves up as one of the premiere automotive and health advertising partners in the United States.

For more information on how Swoop can enhance your banner, search and video advertising efforts in a highly-converting, brand-safe manner, contact us today.