The Chevrolet Corvette topped the list of most visible automobiles in our latest Automotive Digital Brand Exposure Index, meaning that it’s basically the most popular automobile in North America. What’s more, the Corvette has been the most popular vehicle in our index every time we’ve run the data, ever since the very beginning – it just keeps coming back, winning most visible after most visible.

But why? What is it that makes the Corvette such a magnet for digital eyeballs?

Well, we decided to find out. We dug into the topics surrounding the Corvette to see what drives interest in this classic American sports car icon.

We broke the discussions down into the following topics:

  • Comparison (Corvette vs. Ferrari vs. X-Wing)
  • Preview (First look at next year’s Corvette!)
  • Review (We drove the new Corvette!)
  • Maintenance (Replacing the doors on my Corvette after I blew them off with another Corvette)
  • Resale (1957 Corvette for sale, totally belonged to Elvis back in the day)
  • Classic (Check out pics of this 1957 Corvette that totally belonged to Elvis back in the day)
  • General (Corvettes with bunnies! Corvettes in parades! Aliens abducted my Corvette! Etc.)

Here’s the result:

Corvette's biggest topics of interest

The top 3 topics of interest regarding the Corvette are previews of new models, secondary market selling and maintenance. Seems as though Corvettes get a lot of hype for new models and their owners and fans keep them around for years and years.

It also points to a cultural aspect – many of our most visible vehicles are sports cars, off-road vehicles and pickup trucks with a strong lifestyle element to them, meaning that they can contribute to an owner’s self-identity beyond being a well-built or reliable vehicle.