The IAB 2013 Internet Advertising Revenue Report is out and Mobile stole the show. In case you were too busy mourning the death of your NCAA bracket last week, here are the highlights: Mobile revenue grew 110% from 2012 and now commands 17% of all internet ad revenue. However, there is one important detail in the report worth noting: mobile search revenue is counted towards mobile, not search. When the mobile search revenue is added to Search, Search commands almost half of all internet ad revenue and is the 2nd fastest growing format, behind the rest of mobile. Internet traffic and revenue is moving to mobile and search is once again leading the way.

With almost 25% of all page views coming from mobile, publishers are facing new challenges to monetizing content. Search is effectively capturing the revenue that is moving to mobile. To add insult to injury, Google is finding new ways to provide users with content rather than pointing them to it. Publishers need new strategies to effectively monetize the growing share of mobile page views while internet ad revenue continues to shift to search.

The move to mobile poses new challenges for advertisers as well. For starters, the page, or “target”, got smaller. For the sake of user-experience and humanity, ads cannot be sprayed across the mobile screen the way they are across many sites on the non-mobile web. This means less impression opportunities per page view. The opportunities that advertisers do get need to be as effective as possible. In other words, put the shotgun away and hire a sniper.

In an open letter recently published by the IAB, some of the biggest publishers in the market called the current offering of mobile ads “inept” and “one-dimensional”.  The open letter called for advertisers to develop mobile creative with HTML5. The letter argues that ads built with HTML5 are significantly more captivating. HTML5 also allows for responsive design, which is absolutely necessary in a mobile experience.

Swoop offers solutions to the array of challenges that both publishers and advertisers face in a rapidly evolving market place. For publishers, Swoop extends search campaigns to your content across all devices. This means you can tap into growing search budgets and effectively monetize mobile page views.

For advertisers, the Swoop technology carefully optimizes the targeting and placement of each ad. This means more effective ad spend on the mobile and non-mobile web. All Swoop creative is developed with HTML5 and is responsive across all platforms. The target got smaller and the stakes got higher. Rest assured knowing that Swoop is the sharp shooter you need.