Swoop leverages its industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise along with its consultants’ deep industry expertise to identify and model your ideal patient population. No matter what you’re looking to do – drive therapy adoption in an existing patient population, identify patients ready to progress to your 2nd or 3rd line therapy, identify patients at risk of non-adherence, identify patients with a high risk of a rare disease, find participants for a clinical trial – a robust model with valuable market insights is necessary.

Swoop’s Ideal Patient Population models are created using advanced AI and ML ingesting prescription and diagnostic data into PrAIvacy, the industry’s first and only HIPAA-certified data integration engine. By building this robust model, you can rely on cutting-edge data science to output comorbidities, associated specialty HCPs, diagnostic indicators and more to inform every step of your brand’s commercialization and marketing strategies.

Swoop Finds Ideal Patient Candidates for Oral Diagnostic Test

In one patient finding instance, Swoop was contracted by a small biotech company that had pioneered a diagnostic test to detect a specific endocrine deficiency. Because the market is relatively untapped, the client was seeking to expand and grow the use of the product based on likely causes of the condition and as such needed to understand patient volume, characteristics and physician treatment patterns of a broader use case.

In order to accomplish this patient finding endeavor, Swoop:

  • Leveraged published sources and informed, logical clinical reasoning to develop an ideal patient profile using claims data
  • Used AI/ML tools to distinguish ideal patients from negative controls based on the patients’ healthcare claims footprint
  • Generated a focused list of target providers based on a highly likely expanded pool of a broader set of applicable testing patients

In the end, Swoop found over 40,000 patients who should be tested using the client’s product – a huge opportunity and, importantly, an opportunity entirely consistent with the epidemiological estimates of the target patient population. The client received a list of providers based on this ideal patient population and is currently leveraging the list to inform field decisions regarding alignment and targeting. Additionally, the client is evaluating leveraging Swoop’s capabilities for DTC and HCP digital outreach and rep triggers

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