Pharmaceutical and biotech companies, you have a marketing challenge: how do you get your direct-to-consumer marketing, healthcare professional marketing, patient finding and personal promotional groups working together, especially since each one has its own agency, metrics and leadership? How do you overcome multiple ecosystems pulling towards the same goal but separated into disparate silos?

Fortunately, now there’s Swoop, with intelligence by Swoop and provide you with the industry’s first and only true Omni-Channel Marketing solution – a one-stop shop that will drive results in DTC marketing, HCP marketing and PP endeavors, all working in synergy and powered by best-in-class AI and ML to find, engage and convert your Ideal Patient Population (IPP).

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Marketing Challenges

Patient Acquisition

Whether your goal is to; drive overall market growth, increase market share at the expense of competitive therapies, or to improve therapy adherence, Swoop can work with you to define the Ideal patient and HCP populations and create a coordinated campaign across your online and Personal Promotion channels.

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Undiagnosed Rare Disease

Rare diseases present a marketer a unique set of challenges; hard to find patients, general lack of awareness of the condition and treatment, and a patient to HCP ratio close to 1 to 1. Utilizing advanced AI techniques Swoop can help identify these patients and their associated HCPs, as well as provide bi-weekly triggers for your personal promotions team.

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HCP Engagement

The most effective way to reach HCPs is by identifying the specific population that most directly influences the use of your therapy. Be that prescribing, non-prescribing, or competitive prescribing, Swoop offers you a way to reach just the HCPs who can most effect the outcome of your Marketing goals.

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Therapy Line Progression

If you have a 2nd or 3rd line therapy, the biggest marketing challenge you often face is how to predict this population, just before it appears ready to move to the next level of therapy. Swoop’s advanced AI provides a model to not only predict this patient progression, and link this population to its HCPs, but also updates these models every 2 weeks, providing the most up to date triggers to your personal promotions team.

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Clinical Trial Recruitment

Clinical Trials present some unique marketing challenges. Finding the correct population, with the correct patient model, in the required age, sex and ethnic mix – all constrained by the geography of the trial sites. Swoop’s advanced AI capabilities provide the ideal populations to target to meet these tight constraints.

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Swoop, with intelligence by, helps you Find, Engage and Convert Your Ideal Populations for a full Omni-Channel Marketing Solution. Contact us today to learn more

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