Engage HCPs During Condition Research

Swoop’s network of endemic health and HCP sites allows brands to:

  • Engage with HCPs as they research a specific condition
  • Pay only for HCPs engaging with content on your site
  • Educate all HCPs interested in your product and related conditions
Identify and message to healthcare providers specializing in your condition

Identify and Message Specific HCPs

Swoop’s partnership with IPM.ai allows us to:

  • Target only your list of identified HCPs
  • Track and report changes in prescribing behavior
  • Improve patient care with timely messaging to HCPs and caregivers
Increase physician awareness of rare diseases

Remove The Worry of Ad Fraud

Swoop takes a hard stance on ad fraud – we are aggressively dedicated to providing our advertisers with real traffic:

  • Founding members of TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group)
  • 100% viewable ads and transparent publisher site lists
  • Real-world health outcomes cannot be emulated by BOTs – BOTs don’t write prescriptions
Bots Fear Swoop - Clamping down on ad fraud