Find your Ideal Patient and HCP Populations

The most effective way to reach HCPs is by identifying the specific population that most directly influences the use of your therapy. Whether that is prescribing, non-prescribing, or competitive prescribing, every HCP can be identified by their NPI number.

Identify and message to healthcare providers specializing in your condition

Engage the Ideal Population to Support Your Marketing Objectives

Across our network of sites requiring HCP login Swoop sees over 1 million unique NPI numbers every 60 days. This ensures that no matter how your ideal population of HCPs is defined, Swoop can provide the ability to consistently engage with these HCPs online. Additionally, based on their online behavior and engagement Swoop can provide Rep triggers for further follow up with your Personal Promotions team.

Convert to Real-World Business Objectives

Every engagement is driven by real world success metrics linked to your Marketing challenge. For example, the cost efficiency of reaching the defined NPIs, the increase in prescriptions written, or in new prescribers.