Find your Ideal Patient and HCP Populations

If you have a 2nd or 3rd line therapy, the biggest marketing challenge you often face is how to find patients fitting your ideal model before they are ready to move to the next level of therapy. Swoop’s advanced AI provides the model to predict this patient progression, and link those in the model to their HCPs.

Message patients, physicians and caretakers

Engage the Ideal Population to Support Your Marketing Objectives

Our patient progression models are updated every two weeks, ensuring the timely identification of these patients and HCPs. This allows for constant updating of online media for an omni-channel approach to both end users who fall into the model and their associated HCPs. In addition the Personal Promotion team is provided triggers for HCPs with newly identified patients every 2 weeks.

Convert to Real-World Business Objectives

Every engagement is driven by real world success metrics linked to your Marketing challenge. Actual Patient Progression of exposed patients can be measured against a control group, and incremental prescriptions can be measured.