Find your Ideal Patient and HCP Populations

Rare diseases present a marketer a unique set of challenges: hard to find patients, general lack of awareness of the condition and treatment, and a patient to HCP ratio close to 1 to 1. Utilizing advanced AI techniques Swoop can help identify these patient populations and their associated HCPs.

Message patients, physicians and caretakers

Engage the Ideal Population to Support Your Marketing Objectives

Once the population with the highest probability of needing your therapy has been matched to their physicians a coordinated online campaign is implemented to educate both the patient and the HCP. On a 2-week cycle the model is rerun and a Rep trigger is provided for an HCP that has a newly identified modeled patient. In this way your Personal Promotions team can ensure the HCP has the critical, timely information they need to successfully diagnose and begin therapy.

Target ads to users likely to be diagnosed and optimize towards Unique Diagnosed Visitors

Convert to Real-World Business Ojectives

Every engagement is driven by real-world success metrics linked to your Marketing challenge. In rare disease cases new start forms of engaged patients is the most frequently used metric.