In order to facilitate healthcare provider (HCP) targeting, Swoop and target known NPI numbers provided by the Client in order to serve advertisements. Additionally, Swoop’s presence on HCP authenticated sites allows for targeting of HCPs anonymously based on content being consumed by the HCP when an NPI number is unknown.

  • We do not share any user data – including cookies, device IDs or IP addresses – on HCPs with third-party companies.
  • We do not collect, share or store an HCP’s location data.
  • We do not activate any advertising tags or collect any data on any users outside of the United States and Canada.
  • We do not sell data we collect in any individualized form.

Information Retention:

Our business partners limit our collection, use and disclosure of information through our Advertising Services. We keep information we need to provide our services to our partners only so long as we have a valid business purpose.

Transfer and Information Sharing:

We do not share any individual level information we collect for any direct marketing purposes except in connection with responding to a consumer’s request. We may share aggregate information about the use of the Advertising Services with the businesses that use our services. This information does not identify any individual consumer. We may otherwise share information it collects if doing so is appropriate to carry out a consumer’s request; or if we believe that doing so is legally required; or it is in our interest to protect our property or other legal rights; or the rights or property of others. Information possessed by us may be transferred in connection with any sale or disposition of the business as permitted by law or agreements with our partners.

Changes and Updates:

We may occasionally update our policies and procedures relating to Swoop and When we do, we will also revise the “effective date” on these pages.