We Prize Endemic Auto and Health Sites Like Yours

You’re a successful publisher with amazing automotive or health content, a ton of traffic and invested readers. You need an advertising partner who understands that and appreciates it as much as you do.

Enter Swoop. We specialize in automotive and pharmaceutical advertising, so we prize endemic auto and health sites like yours.

Ads Tailored To Your Vertical

Consumer Health

You are where people go to figure out what’s up with that spot on their skin, their odd tiredness or the green stuff oozing from their kid. As a trusted source for consumer health insights, you need to make sure your advertising partners are just as trusted

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Your readers know cars, trucks and SUVs, and they come to you because so do you. Whether your content is teaching readers how to rebuild an engine block, debating the best entry angle for hitting a curve at speed or informing buyers of what they absolutely must drive next, your content deserves to be treated as the valuable platform for major automakers it is

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Healthcare Professionals

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals come to you because they know you offer information and networking they absolutely need to do their job, and because your advertising partners are respectable and respectful of the HCPs’ time and interests. Swoop can make your revenues better while making your readers’ experiences more informative

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