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You’re a successful publisher with amazing automotive or health content, a ton of traffic and invested readers. You need an advertising partner who understands that and appreciates it as much as you do.

Enter Swoop. We specialize in automotive and pharmaceutical advertising, so we prize endemic auto and health sites like yours. With Swoop, publishers benefit from:

  • Access to search dollars – Swoop can help you get a share of the industry’s search advertising budgets
  • Ads that support your editorial mission – we won’t waste your readers time with “Ten Tips for Killing Belly Fat” ads that just don’t fit
  • Top-caliber advertisers – Swoop’s advertising clients include major pharmaceutical brands and automotive OEMs
  • Completely additive revenue – leave your existing ads running, because Swoop doesn’t use traditional IAB ad slots
  • High-quality ads that match your content

Swoop’s ads are non-invasive, so your readers won’t be driven away or driven to block ads on your site, yet noticeable, generating lucrative clickthrough rates that publishers and advertisers alike love.

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With an impressive stable of top-caliber advertisers hungry for your readers’ attention, Swoop is ready to help you monetize your readership.

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