The Swoop Marketplace for Publishers

Who put that ad on your website? With traditional digital ad exchanges, there’s almost no way to know.

This is why Swoop operates as a closed-loop advertising marketplace – we work with you directly, and we work with advertisers directly. You cannot just throw any old ad onto any site or page within our marketplace, meaning the ads served to your readers are vetted, quality content from vetted, premium advertisers.

How do we work such magic? By refusing to be part of the exchange bidding ecosystem and building our own. Yes, it’s harder – we can’t just tap into unlimited supplies of crap and arbitrage it out for pennies at a time – but we believe that by building this marketplace, not only will we be more successful, but we’ll be around as partners to our publishers for a long, long time.

Incremental Budgets and Incremental Ads

Swoop works in increments – but that doesn’t mean “small.” What we mean is that you get access to incremental budgets – spend by search advertisers on top of the spend by display advertisers you already have access to – and you get incremental revenue – Swoop ads don’t override your existing ads, so every dollar you make from Swoop (and there will be a lot of them) is on top of the money you’re already making from other, lesser ad networks.

Incremental Revenue

Our advanced machine learning only serves ads when they are more likely to be clickedYou’ve got advertisers. We get it. There’s always someone showing up in your right-rail, and in your skyscraper, and even in that new native slot you carved out underneath your content. Those aren’t broken.

And we aren’t trying to fix them.

Swoop ads don’t infringe on your existing advertisements at all. We don’t show up in IAB slots, or any of your preconfigured advertising locations.

Shoot, if our machine learning doesn’t think a particular session is likely to generate a click, we don’t show up at all.

But when we do show up – and that’s a lot of the time – boy do we perform. Swoop creates for publishers a new, incremental, high-RPM revenue streamĀ on top of your existing advertising revenue.

It’s so easy to set up and get running – just a snippet of code, like adding Google Analytics to your site – and won’t hurt your existing revenues. There’s really no reason not to try it out.

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Incremental Ads

Monetize mobile traffic with dynamically-created ad units
Ad slots are outdated, and Swoop is here with the solution: completely dynamic advertisements that create space for themselves when and where they’re liable to be useful to your readers and to generate a click.

This is the same technology that allows us to be completely additive revenue without disturbing your existing ads, and it means, too, that our ads are more in line with how your users read your content.

Similarly to social media in-feed advertisements, Swoop ads create themselves on the fly within content when and where users are likely to be seeking further information. While traditional, slot-based advertising targets your headline because it’s stuck in one location, Swoop’s dynamic ads can go right to where the targeted keyword sits. Well, right behind the paragraph in which it sits, at least.

This also lets us bring a significantly powerful mobile monetization tool to bear – not only are the ad slots created on the fly, but the ad dimensions are created in real time as well. So whether an impression comes from a massive 4k gaming screen or a third-generation iPhone, the same Swoop integration will create the appropriate ad at the appropriate size with no muss, no fuss, and no extra work from you.

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Incremental Budgets

Swoop ads are unintrusive and don't hurt the user experience$28 billion. That’s a lot of money, and that’s a general idea of how much advertisers spend on search advertising every year. Publishers have never been able to get any of that huge bucket of spend.

Until now.

Because Swoop’s technology is search, and because the easiest way for advertisers to get started is to upload their AdWords campaigns and start running them verbatim, we’ve always been part of the search advertising ecosystem, and despite the fact that we (and you) don’t have a little white bar with a magnifying glass at the end of it, much of our ad revenue comes from search budgets.

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