Your automotive publication is trustworthy, has great content and is loved by gearheads of all types. Swoop advertising can help monetize that.

Ads tailored to your audience

Swoop works with major automotive OEMs who want to message potential car buyers. Our ads are:

  • Real car ads that readers would be interested in
  • High-performing, high-value offerings
  • Designed to meet your readers at the right point in the car buying journey

Capture spend from search

Swoop’s unique, search-based algorithm allows us to extend clients’ SEM campaigns to your endemic site, providing:

  • New, untapped revenue streams
  • Search-styled ads that promote CTR without negatively impacting page design
  • Totally additive revenue that doesn’t interfere with existing ad strategy

Protect your publication from ad fraud

Swoop takes a hard stance on ad fraud – we are extremely aggressively dedicated to providing our advertisers with real traffic:

  • Founding members of TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group)
  • 100% viewable ads and transparent publisher site lists
  • Forensiq fraud detection running on all traffic
Bots Fear Swoop - Clamping down on ad fraud

Major Automotive Brands Advertise With Swoop