You’ve spent time and effort building a publication that individuals trust to answer their most pressing health-related questions, and Swoop has the right technology and advertisers to get the most out of that

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Ads tailored to your audience

Swoop works with major pharmaceutical companies who want to get their message in front of individuals consuming specific health-related media. Our ads are:

  • Legitimate ads that potential patients would be interested in
  • High-performing, high-value offerings
  • On-point messaging that works with your editorial content rather than distracting from it

Capture new revenue without cannibalization

Swoop’s unique ability to create new in-content ad slots on the fly means you can only stand to benefit:

  • Counteract reader ad blindness without annoying readers
  • Existing IAB ad slots remain unchanged
  • Totally additive revenue that doesn’t interfere with existing ad strategy

Protect your publication from ad fraud

Swoop takes a hard stance on ad fraud – we are extremely aggressively dedicated to providing our advertisers with real traffic:

  • Founding members of TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group)
  • 100% viewable ads and transparent publisher site lists
  • Forensiq fraud detection running on all traffic
Bots Fear Swoop - Clamping down on ad fraud

Major Pharmaceutical Brands Advertise With Swoop