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No matter how much information we put out into the public airwaves, some questions will always remain.  And that's why we've put together responses to the most common questions we receive from our prospects, clients and partners.  

What is Swoop?
Swoop empowers the world’s leading healthcare and life sciences organizations to better educate patients about disease states and the therapies that could effectively treat their conditions, as well as enable them to become active participants in their medical journey. Swoop’s HIPAA-certified and NAI-accredited system of engagement has already uncovered over 500 unique target audiences for precisely engaging ideal patient populations through cross-channel marketing strategies by utilizing granular-level longitudinal analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning in conjunction with a real world data pool of over 300 million de-identified patients and a behavioral data stream of over 65 billion anonymous consumer transactions.
When was Swoop Founded?
Swoop was founded in 2011.
Who Founded Swoop?
Swoop was founded by Ron Ellwell and Simon Simoeonov. Ron was previously an Operating Partner at Bessemer Ventures and served on the Boards of several companies including including MFORMA, now owned by Electronic Arts, Enforta, now owned by ER Telecom, and ReefEdge, now owned by Symantec; Chief Executive Officer of, the world’s second largest online sports media company only behind ESPN that was acquired by Perform Media Group; and Chief Executive Officer of Octave Communications, a former leader in the design and manufacturing of voice and data infrastructure now owned by Plantronics. Simon was previously founding CTO of Evidon, now owned by CrownPeak), Thing Labs, now owned by AOL and a founding investor in Veracode, now Broadcom. In his VC days, Sim was an Entrepreneur in Residence at General Catalyst Partners and Technology Partner at Polaris Partners. Before his days as an investor, Sim was Vice President of Emerging Technologies and Chief Architect at Macromedia, now owned by Adobe and Founder and Chief Architect at Allaire, one of the first Internet platform companies whose flagship product, ColdFusion, ran thousands of sites such as Priceline and MySpace.
What Industries does Swoop Serve?
Swoop serves the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.
How Many Clients Does Swoop Have?
Swoop has 63 marquee clients as of September of 2020 and has built over 500 exclusive segments.
Who are Swoop's Clients?
Our clients include Abbvie, Acorda, Adaptive, Adlon, Agile, Alfasigma, Allergan, Amgen, Antares, Anthem, Astellas, AstraZeneca, AveXis/Novartis, AstraZeneca, Biocryst, Biogen, Biohaven, Bluebird, Bristol Myers Squibb, Celgene, Daiichi-Sankyo, Edwards Life, Eisai EMD Serono, GBT, Genentech, Gilead, GSK, Horizon, HRA, Individor, Insmed, Intercept Pharma, J&J, Jazz, Juno Therapeutics, Kura Oncology, Kyowa Kirin, Medicem, Merck Mitsubishi Tanabe, Neurocrine, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, NS Pharma, Ortho, Otsuka, Pharmacyclics, Puma, Rhythm, Sanofi, Seattle Genetics, SK Life, Spark, Sun, Sunovion, Supernus, Takeda, Teva, UCB and Vertex.
Who Does Swoop Help?
Swoop helps brand, social and digital marketers as well as marketing communications and advertising professionals.
Who are Swoop's Media Partners?
Our media partners include Publicis, Omnicom, Havas, IPG Media Brands, W2O, Klick, Hearts and Science, Cadreon, Intouch, Assembly, Wavemaker, Good Apple, MRM McCann, Pixacore, Butler Till, and N2 Digital.
What Challenges Does Swoop Solve?
Life sciences companies seek to appeal to particular patient audiences to drive awareness, prove value and increase consumption of their therapies. However, agencies, data providers and technology companies produce broad generic one-size fits all target segments that fail to consider a brand’s specific needs and core therapeutic advantages. The result? An undifferentiated message that broadly reaches too many or even the wrong patients, who never end up actually converting and thus leading to increased lift. Pharmaceutical companies have been constrained for years by antiquated thinking, processes and systems that produce the same general off the shelf patient profiles. Swoop is changing this.
Are Swoop' Patient Audiences Unique?
Yes. Swoop utilizes real world data to uncover precision, privacy-safe target segments of ideal patients that are higher in audience quality and drive increased script lift without the need for expensive upfront customizations.
What Activation Formats Does Swoop Support?
Our activation formats include: Programmatic Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Website Personalization, Addressable Television, Connected Television, and On-Demand Audio, while our media planning formats include Linear Television and Terrestrial Radio.
What is Real World Data (RWD)?
Real world data (RWD) is data derived from a number of sources that are associated with outcomes in a heterogeneous patient population in real-world settings, such as patient surveys, clinical trials, and observational cohort studies. RWD refers to observational data as opposed to data gathered in an experimental setting such as a randomized controlled trial (RCT). It is instead derived from electronic health records (EHRs), claims and billing activities, product and disease registries, etc.
What Data Sources Does Swoop Utilize?
Swoop utilizes Datavant, DRG and Epsilon as its primary suppliers of data and related services. The main stream of our data is 10 years of granular-level longitudinal profiles of 300 million unique de-Identified patients that also covers 99% of all healthcare providers, 98% of all healthcare systems, 96% of all outpatient facilities, and 89% of all hospitals. We can invoke 65 billion anonymous consumer transactions representing over 3,100 consumer segments.
How Often are Swoop's Data Sources Refreshed?
Swoop's data sources are refreshed weekly.
Can Swoop Incorporate Other Data Sources?

Yes, Swoop’s platform architecture easily allows us to curate, transform, integrate, and unify any disparate, unconnected and unstructured data source.

Can Swoop Incorporate a Client's First Party Data?
Yes, Swoop’s platform architecture easily allows us to curate, transform, integrate, and unify any of our client’s first party data sources.
Are Swoop's Audience Segments Privacy Safe?
Swoop is 100% privacy-safe and our segment-building methodology is approved for sensitive and non-sensitive conditions. Swoop is proud to be the first, and still the only, consumer health data company to be a member of the NAI and thus demonstrate the commitment to privacy demanded by its regulation. By undergoing a full NAI legal and compliance audit, Swoop is also the only consumer health data company with verified compliance for NAI 2020 Code of Conduct, the expanded Health Audience Segments Guidance and the April 27th update. We are also the only consumer healthcare data company with our own Privacy Board.
How is Swoop Different?
Many of Swoop’s competitors build generic “one- size-fits-all” patient segments that are not regularly refreshed. And when customizing their audiences, they require very high payments upfront. In addition, most refuse to measure audience quality prior to launch and have very low audience quality and thus inferior performance.
What Makes Swoop Unique?
Swoop defines and uncovers exclusive audiences based on client-specific market definitions and strategies which result in greater performance over conventional targeting approaches.
What Value Does Swoop Provide Our Clients?
Swoop creates value for our clients by building precision audiences by uncovering privacy-safe target segments of ideal patients that are higher in audience quality, drive superior conversion and lead to increased lift. Second, we provide exclusive segments based on client-specific market definitions, strategies and goals, rather than off- the-shelf/one-size-fits-all approaches. Third, we reveal audience qualify prior to activation so our clients can spend more time optimizing cross channel marketing strategies.

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