Swoop TV Marketing Solutions

Transform your advertising with data-driven linear, addressable and connected TV.


Brand-Exclusive, Single Audience Targeting Across All TV Inventory

Pharmaceutical advertising's traditional reliance on demographic data and household-level measurement to inform television media strategy leads to wasteful spend on an overexposed audience and an unoptimized marketing mix.

With custom patient segments built to client-specific market definitions that are higher in audience quality (AQ), life sciences companies can optimize TV advertising reach and frequency for better engagement, greater conversion and increased Rx lift.

Plan, Activate and Measure with Unified Data Aligned to Your Exact Strategic Target


Plan holistically using custom Swoop segments to identify strategic audiences across all television inventory including linear TV.


Activate across all television investments using a custom Swoop segment to ensure optimal reach and frequency.


Measure strategic audience reach and frequency across linear TV, addressable TV and Connected TV/over-the-top.


One Audience, All Channels

Using audience definitions unique to your brand and campaign, Swoop segments unify all TV glass with a single strategic target.

line-01-1Linear TV

Efficient reach at scale with national and local market deliverability.


line-01-1Addressable TV

1:1 household-level targeting based on MVPD subscriber files.


line-01-1Connected TV

1:1 household-level targeting and programmatic access.