Swoop for Automotive


Search Ads for the Auto Buying Journey

Swoop ads allow auto makers to reach potential buyers at key points along the car-buying journey. While ads on the search results page can lead to traffic and conversions, over 97% of clicks go to organic results. Swoop’s network of endemic automotive websites allows search marketers to engage with users throughout their journey.

Ads that drive action

The car buying process is a long and involved one, and search ads typically offer high-value CTAs. Swoop search ads convert at a similar CPA to traditional SEM campaigns.

Some Swoop Success Metrics

CTA Goal Swoop Metric
Find a Dealer $10 $8.14
Apply for Financing $26,000 $8,027
Build and Price $10 $6.76

Major Automotive OEMs Advertise with Swoop

Toyota advertises with Swoop - auto advertising
Honda finds new search queries to advertise against with Swoop
Chevrolet runs automotive search advertising with Swoop
Mercedes-Benz sells luxury cars with luxury search ads from Swoop
Buick counts Swoop as part of their automotive advertising strategy
Chrysler runs search ads via Swoop

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