Swoop has worked in all of the diverse areas of the finance industry. Brokerage, Banking Services, Credit Cards, Home Financing, Insurance, Debt Relief or Personal Loans, we have helped the leading companies in the industry target their most profitable audiences.

Swoop is not just another ad. By using search targeting and running Google search campaigns Swoop provides:

Incremental Ad Units.
Incremental Revenues by tapping into High-Value Search Revenue.

Access to more of the Highest Value Search Queries.
Performance on par with search.

Financial services companies like American Express advertise with Swoop
Swoop provides search advertising for Bank of America
Blackrock is another financial institution that advertises with Swoop search ads
American Family Insurance runs finance search ads via Swoop
Edward Jones advertises with Swoop search advertising
Financial companies like Liberty Mutual find finance clients with search ads from Swoop
Charles Swab trusts Swoop for search ads
Fidelity and Swoop are a financial advertising duo
You're in good hands with Allstate. Allstate is in good hands with Swoop search advertising
Swoop provides search advertising to finance organizatoins like 21st Century
Aetna uses Swoop to advertise

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