Swoop for Pharmaceutical

Search Ads for the Patient Journey

Swoop ads allow pharmaceutical advertisers to reach clients at key stages of the patient journey. While ads on the search landing page can lead to conversions, over 97% of searches go to organic results. Swoop lets advertisers reach patients within third-party expert websites.

Marketing to Healthcare Professionals

Like Google, Swoop can target HCP specific keywords. These ads appear on Swoop’s network of premier endemic websites, and can be stacked, just like with Google, with the corresponding direct-to-consumer ad.

In addition, Swoop provides access to logged in, and authenticated physicians on the leading dedicated HCP sites.

Swoop is an invaluable part of any campaign targeted at healthcare professionals.

Ads That Drive High-Value CTAs

Pharmaceutical ads tend to have high-value CTAs, and Swoop converts at a similar CPA to search engine advertising.

In fact, one major pharmaceutical company used Swoop to advertise their whooping cough campaign. The result: Swoop’s ads, spread across the endemic health websites in our network, generated a $3 CPA, which was 5x lower than their $15 CPA goal.

Some other Swoop success metrics:

Condition SEM CPA Swoop CPA
Hepatitis C $2,350 $369
Psoriasis $120 $79
Migraine $70 $41
Obesity $16 $4.50
Clinical Trial $350 $240
Arthritis $120 $80

Major Pharmaceutical Brands Advertise With Swoop

Amgen finds health clients with Swoop search ads
Bristol Myers-Squibb extends their search advertising with Swoop
Gilead uses Swoop for health search advertising
Genetech runs search ads with Swoop
Mead Johnson advertises to health customers with Swoop
Swoop search ads help Biogen Idec extend their campaigns
Abbvie runs search ads on Swoop's health network
Kaleo takes advantage of Swoop's health search marketplace
Swoop's search ad marketplace gives Janssen extra health ads

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