We Drive Optimal Patient Outcomes

Through AI-Generated Audiences for Precision Healthcare Marketing

The Swoop System of Engagement

Swoop utilizes artificial intelligence to uncover precision, privacy-safe target segments of ideal patients that are higher in audience quality and drive increased script lift so that pharmaceutical companies can better educate patients about disease states and the therapies that could effectively treat their conditions, as well as enable them to become active participants in their medical journey.

Why Listen? Why Listen?

Conventional Audiences are Suboptimal

Agencies, data providers and technology companies have traditionally produced broad, generic one-size fits all target segments that fail to consider a pharmaceutical company's specific needs and core therapeutic advantages. The result? An undifferentiated message that broadly reaches too many or even the wrong patients, who never actually convert and lead to increased lift. Brands have been constrained for years by the marketplace, whose antiquated thinking, processes and systems produce the same generic off-the- shelf patient profiles. Swoop is changing all of this. And we are just getting started.

Why Care? Why Care?

Healthcare Marketing Enters the Era of AI

The use of natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and evolutionary computation to uncover real world insights from a unified pool of real world data is now the standard for modern healthcare marketers when creating audience segments and activation strategies. Conventional approaches just won't work any any longer.

Why Change? Why Change?

RWD + AI = Greater AQ, Rx Lift and PLTV

Simply put, Swoop's system of engagement uncovers exclusive segments that are much higher in Audience Quality. This leads to greater conversion rates, pronounced increases in Rx lift and adherence, as well as improved Patient Lifetime Value (PLTV).  Just let us know upfront your Audience Quality benchmark and we will guarantee to beat it. 

Why Now? Why Now?

Cross-Channel Activation For Higher ROI

Stop limiting your patient engagement and HCP marketing efforts with off-the shelf, one-size fits all audiences. Swoop's audiences are easily activated via multiple channels so you can engage the right audience at the right time with the right message. Just specify your activation nodes: programmatic, social media, site personalization, addressable television, linear television and/or on-demand audio.

Why Swoop? Why Swoop?

AI-Generated Digital Audiences

Backed by a team of experienced data scientists, life sciences experts and digital marketing professionals, Swoop has developed the industry’s first HIPPA-certified and NAI accredited system of engagement. We utilize natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and evolutionary computation in conjunction with an enriched, tokenized and granular-level data pool of over 300 million de-identified patients and a behavioral data stream of over 65 billion anonymous consumer transactions, with the ability to easily ingest and transform additional data sources of unlimited scale. By doing so, we can define and uncover exclusive audiences based on client-specific market definitions and performance criteria that fuel optimal cross-channel marketing strategies to engage the ideal patient with the ideal message through the ideal channels. The result? Greater performance over traditional targeting methods.

Ready for Precision Healthcare Marketing?

Let’s discuss your activation strategies, business objectives, and performance measurements. We'll build you exclusive AI-generated digital audience with higher audience quality that you can deploy via multiple channels with greater lift than traditional one-size-fits-all approaches.