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Top 15 Pharma Company Lowers Call Center Volume by 46% and Saves $1.9 Million in Annual Affiliated Costs


With consumer health literacy on the rise and healthcare providers relying heavily on digital as the...

Driving Engagement at a Landmark Oncology Conference for a Leading Multiple Myeloma Therapy

The Challenge

A leading multiple myeloma brand wanted to increase awareness of their therapy and engagement among...

Privacy First — What Healthcare Marketers Need to Know In a Fractured, Evolving Environment

Kevin Elwell, Vice President of Health Analytics at Swoop provides an overview of the current landscape and more.


Forging a Meaningful Connection with Customers On-Demand

By: Emilie Branch, Senior Manager,  Content Marketing, Swoop

Why pharma marketers need to budget for conversational AI.

Swoop Audiences Activated on CTV Leads to 20% of Likely Patients Scheduling an HCP Appointment, Driving Conversion for a Mental Health Drug


Pharmaceutical brand marketers are often challenged by reaching and engaging patients and their...

From Tired to Wired: Transforming with Compliant Conversational AI

By: Emilie Branch, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Swoop

Swoop’s GM of Conversational AI, Matt Titus, presented at...

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On-Demand Webinars

Transforming Connected TV: Unique Brands, Custom Audience Segments, Better Outcomes

View The Replay

With 93% of 18-49 U.S. households owning at least one internet-connected TV (CTV)*, medical marketers must transform from a “need to play” to a “need to optimize” mentality. During this educational webcast, attendees will learn from Swoop and Samsung how applying brand-exclusive custom audience segments to their CTV advertising can drive increased sales and reduce wasted spend. The session will also demonstrate how a more precise CTV buying strategy can help take the guesswork out of linear TV planning, further enhancing brand outcomes more efficiently.

*Samsung Ads, Behind the Screens – Rule of 40: Rebalancing Act, 2021

Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson

Director, Health and Pharma


KR Headshot Sqaure
Kurt Robinson

Sr. Vice President, Business Development


How to Use Privacy-Safe Data to Optimize Healthcare Marketing

View The Replay

Kurt Robinson, SVP of Business Development for Swoop sat down with Jeanette Geer, Sr. Director of Healthcare Strategy at Spectrum Reach to discuss how to maximize marketing ROI while staying transparent and ethical, in a webinar for the American Marketing Association (AMA). The health systems-focused conversation covered how to leverage healthcare data effectively to optimize marketing results, how to utilize real world data to develop higher quality audiences, as well as strategies for the ethical use of data in marketing, prioritizing patient privacy. The optimal use of health data enables advertisers to connect with patients with precision and scale, which is why pharma embraces these segments – and why they represent a great opportunity for health systems as clinically precise targeting can drive tremendous value.

Jeanette Geer
Jeanette Geer

Sr. Director of Healthcare Category and Client Development



KR Headshot Sqaure
Kurt Robinson

Sr. Vice President, Business Development


Why Marketers Must Make the Switch to Privacy-safe Real World Data for Targeting

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Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies currently face forces of change upending and devaluing traditional advertising and promotion strategies. The resulting challenges are further exacerbated by recent privacy-driven platform announcements from Apple, Google and Facebook. Taken together, these macro trends and privacy changes have deprecated legacy targeting methodologies reliant on demographic and clickstream data. That’s why marketers must make the switch to privacy-safe real world data for audience building. By applying artificial intelligence to de-identified offline health data, advertisers can now develop more precise and brand-exclusive patient segments with higher audience quality (AQ) for use across the marketing mix – from digital and social media to CTV and linear television. The result? Better consumer engagement with more meaningful messaging, increased Rx lift and optimized patient outcomes.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • The current forces of change transforming healthcare marketing.

  • Why legacy targeting approaches that utilize demographic and online behavior data fall short.

  • How using RWD for audience-building benefits both patients and marketers with specific examples.

  • Where there are gaps in HIPAA when considering the use of de-identified patient data, how the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) fills those gaps — crucial to the self-regulation of online advertisers — and the risks marketers face by not working with NAI-certified data providers.

Lauren_jacobson copy-2
Lauren Jacobson

Group Director Performance Acceleration



Scott_Rines_bw copy
Scott Rines

Chief Revenue Officer


Developing a Privacy Conscience: Avoiding a Cambridge Analytica-Type Crisis (Or at Least Be Prepared for One)

View The Replay

The mission of the pharmaceutical industry is straightforward: Educate patients about disease states and the therapies that could effectively treat their conditions, as well as enable them to become active participants in their medical journey. But while the "what” pharmaceutical companies can say and the “how” they must say it is well regulated by the FDA, the privacy challenge comes from the “who” you can educate and how you choose to target them. These very real privacy issues are compounded by an increasingly complex set of federal and state laws, as well as self-regulatory guidelines. Privacy issues are probably unavoidable. But are you prepared? Our CEO Ron Elwell moderated a panel discussion on how you can meet the privacy challenges of today and the future by developing a deeper awareness of your company, your patient and your advertising supply chain.

Lauren Dubick
Lauren Dubick

Director, Group Privacy Policies Counsel


Ronnie Sharpe
Ronnie Sharpe

Co-Founder and COO Savvy Cooperative



Gerard Stegmaier-1
Gerard Stegmaier





Case Studies and Publications

Exclusive DTC Audiences

Exclusive DTC Audiences_Swoop

Reimagine Your HCP Advertising

Reimagine Your HCP Advertising_Swoop

1:1 Programmatic Campaign Results in 29:1 ROI and $1.6M Lifetime Patient Value in Four Months for Newly Launched Oncology Therapy

Programmatic Campaign Results_Case Study_Swoop

35:1 ROI and 33% Script Lift by Engaging Priority Oncologists for a Leading Melanoma Therapy with 1:1 HCP Activation

35-1 ROI_Case Study_Swoop

37% Script Lift, 120 New to Brand Starts and $4M in Patient Lifetime Value in Three Months for Plaque Psoriasis Drug

37 script life_Case Study_Swoop

Abbott: Create Simultaneous Awareness of a Disorder and a Therapy While Activating Patients

Create Simultaneous Awareness

CTV Campaign for Movement Disorder Therapy Results in 130 New Brand Starts and 10% Script Lift in Five Months

CTV Campaign_Case Study_Swoop

Driving an 8% Script Lift for a Leading Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy With 1:1 HCP Activation

Driving 24 Increase in Brand

Elevating Script Lift for a Multiple Myeloma Drug by 21% Through HCP and DTC Activation at the Point-of-Care

Elevating Script Life_Case Study_Swoop

Generating 30 New to Brand Starts in 90 Days for New Multiple Sclerosis Therapy By Reaching Specialists at the Point-of-Care


Optimizing Media Around a Custom Audience Results in 60-90% Script Lift

Optimizing Media Around a Custom Audience

Targeting HCPs at the Point-of-Care Results in 19% Script Lift for COPD Drug

Targeting HCPs_Case Study_Swoop

Upstream HCP Activation Delivers an Incremental $2M for a Leading Breast Cancer Therapy

Upstream HCP Activation__Case Study_Swoop

Activating Over 40,000 HCPs at the Point-of-Care Leads to a 19.6:1 ROI for a Diabetes Drug

Swoop 19-1 ROI Diabetes HCP Point-of-Care Case Study

Increasing Vaccine Brand Awareness by Targeting Competitive HCPs Drives 53% Script Lift

Swoop 53% Script Lift Vaccine HCP Programmatic Case Study

Targeting Early Diagnosers Digitally Results in a 6:1 ROI for a Plaque Psoriasis Drug Within 5 Months

Swoop 6-1 ROI Plaque Psoriasis HCP Programmatic Case Study

Increasing Brand Awareness and Generating an 8:1 ROI by Serving Digital Ads to HCPs at the Point-of-Care

Swoop 8-1 ROI Hyperkalemia HCP Point of Care Case Study

Driving a 24% Increase in Brand Conversion Using a Custom Patient Audience for an Addressable TV Campaign


Targeting a Custom MS Patient Audience Drives a 60% More Efficient CPC and a 44% Higher CTR

MS_Custom Audience_Social Campaign_60_CPC