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new search queries, same search results

  • Not Ads, Content

    Using search targeting we provide your readers the content they are looking for. Our goal is to improve your users’ experience.
  • New Budgets, New Units

    50% of digital advertising goes to search. We bring search budgets to your content with highly engaging units that match user interest.
  • Quality Control

    We brand everything we do because we take personal responsibility to ensure the quality and integrity of every campaign.
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  • More Search Queries

    We live in the content of the selected search result. A level deeper in the funnel, a more qualified prospect results in deeper search and ROI.
  • Download your AdWords Campaign

    Simply download your Google AdWords campaigns and leave the rest to us. Same targeting, same consumer intent, equivalent to Google results.
  • Innovative Search

    Rather than relying on a summary of a page, our search engine allows for the extraction and targeting of multiple “user generated search queries” within a single page.
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We’re on a mission to make ads that don’t suck.
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Fat Fingering and the Mobile Advertising Challenge

Google recently changed the way their mobile advertisements work to try and cut down on “fat-fingering” unintentional clicks Read how Google’s changes affect you, and how Swoop works to ensure that mobile advertisers and publishers get great, engaged traffic and high eRPMs, respectively.

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