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Swoop provides an entirely new and untapped source of search terms for advertisers who wish to extend their SEM efforts beyond the usual search engine results pages of Google and Yahoo!/Bing. We drive CPAs that are highly competitive with the big search engines with an ever-learning algorithm that focuses on back-end conversions.

Search advertisers can find untapped search queries in publisher content with Swoop

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Publishers, Swoop is here to give you your share of the ever-growing search advertising spend. You have great content, and in that content is search queries – Swoop finds and advertises to those queries in a way that generates additional revenue, doesn’t interfere with your existing advertisements, and most importantly, doesn’t annoy your users.

Publishers can get their share of SEM spend with Swoop

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Swoop: Created to make the Internet better for everyone

Digital advertising is in a difficult place: decades of crappy ads have led users to ignore or block advertising, publishers are losing out on over half of ad spend, and advertisers continue their quest for more relevant traffic. Hear from Swoop founders Ron Elwell and Simeon Simeonov why they created Swoop to bring search advertising to publishers and make the Internet better for users, publishers and advertisers.

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