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Swoop Provides Cost Effective Low Funnel Engagement With Real Consumers

By integrating real world data, Swoop is able to provide pharmaceutical advertisers with campaigns optimized to drive prescription lift and automotive advertisers with campaigns optimized to drive foot traffic to dealerships

Unique Network of Endemic Auto & Health Publishers

100% Viewable Ads

Optimize For Diagnosed Patients & Rx Lift

Optimize For Auto-Specific Real-World Actions

Click Protection – Don’t Pay For Accidental/Fraudulent Clicks

Full Transparency And Brand Safety

Advertising With Real Consumers At Top Of Mind

Swoop Battles Bots

At Swoop, we know that BOTs are a major concern for the digital advertising industry. It is for this reason that we optimize for real-world outcomes as often as possible – while BOTs may be able to click on ads, view videos, take actions and so on, they cannot stroll onto dealership lots or be diagnosed with health conditions.

In fact, we’ve got a site dedicated to showing you what BOTs can’t do. But we know two things they do do – commit ad fraud, and fear Swoop.


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