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Swoop sends the highest-quality traffic for maximum ROI

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All Swoop ads are 100% viewable

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Our Clients

Swoop provides highly-converting in-feed search advertising for a wide variety of premier advertising clients.


Swoop finds automotive buyers across our network of premiere auto-related websites who are engaged and ready to buy


Swoop can extend pharmaceutical and health advertising to the most influential health websites with ease

CPG and Food

The biggest CPG and food advertisers find clients within Swoop's network of food and lifestyle websites


From brokerages to personal loans, Swoop helps leading financial institutions find the right customer at the right time


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Incremental Ads

Swoop ads dynamically create ad slots on the fly, meaning they're as responsive as your site. As we don't show in IAB ad slots, Swoop's ads will not interfere with existing ad solutions.

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Incremental Budgets

Search now constitutes half of all digital advertising spend, and with Swoop, publishers can get their share. By extending search advertising to your site, you can get part of the $28 billion search spend.

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Incremental Revenue

Swoop revenues are entirely additive, generating you money on top of what you're already earning. Because we don't use IAB ad slots, Swoop will never interfere with your existing advertisements.

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