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Fully Custom, Privacy-Safe Audience Targeting

Swoop provides best-in-class health segments for audience targeting.

By modeling populations based on deidentified health and demographic data, Swoop is able to provide biopharma clients with unique custom audiences designed to meet your exact commercial goals.

Patient-Centric Commercial Analytics, Swoop’s health data subsidiary, is prepared to solve the most challenging commercial analytics problems your brand faces. Whether you need to find undiagnosed patients, identify the most influential health care providers, or better understand what influences patient behavior, brings together cutting-edge AI and industry-leading health data sets to better understand and improve the lives of your Ideal Patient Population.

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The Swoop AI Advantage

AI for Audience Targeting

Swoop uses cutting-edge AI and robust deidentified health and demographic data sets to build targeting segments for both sensitive and non-sensitive conditions. With the capability to build segments using no inferred health knowledge of any kind, Swoop can satisfy your and the industry’s most stringent privacy requirements.

AI for Patient Finding

Rare and orphan diseases present a unique challenge to the biopharma industry. With both diagnosis rate and disease awareness among patients and HCPs being extremely low, simply identifying the appropriate market can be incredibly difficult.’s unique ability to quickly integrate first-party data in a HIPAA-certified manner combined with our utilization of advanced AI and machine learning techniques, we can help pinpoint the affected patient population, associated HCPs and key influencers, as well as highlight milestones along the patient journey.

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Our Dedication To Transparency And Privacy

Swoop’s AI is driven by a completely deidentified longitudinal health dataset with claims data covering approximately 280 million people in the United States. This includes diagnoses, procedures, treating physicians and prescriptions. It is completely deidentified when we receive it, eliminating any possibility of our being able to tie it back to any individuals, and we maintain at all times a HIPAA attestation that our data and the resulting output cannot be reidentified.

Privacy-Safe Audience Targeting

When building audience targeting segments, privacy is of utmost importance – NO personally identifiable information is to be connected in any way, shape or form to health data, and all Swoop segments are built as demographic lookalike models.

Swoop is extremely cognizant of the privacy concerns around audience-building, which is why our solution is designed to be fully compliant with the Network Advertising Initiative’s 2020 Code of Conduct and the California Consumer Privacy Act. This includes the ability to build audience segments for any condition using no inferred health data of any kind, including no location data, purchase data or health data.

Swoop allows biopharma marketers to run highly-converting, transparent audience targeting campaigns with full privacy support and compliance.

HIPAA-Certified Patient Finding is proud to be at the forefront of the conversation on privacy and patient benefit. Our patent-pending architecture and data processing methodology have been HIPAA certified, uniquely positioning us to to combine disparate data sets – including clients’ first-party data – without the need to go through a lengthy and expensive recertification process. This uniquely positions to solve the challenges presented by rare and orphan diseases.

No matter the prevalence of your condition, empowers biopharma companies to find, engage and influence their ideal patient and HCP populations.

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