Insights With Actions For Pharmaceutical and Biotech Brands

At Swoop, we provide biotech and pharma clients with the data, the industry knowledge and the data science expertise to help improve health outcomes and lower healthcare costs. We do this by driving patient discovery and insights, executing across personal promotions teams, consumer and HCP media in an informed, efficient and intelligent closed-loop platform.

By both providing and executing on the most valuable insights about your market, Swoop helps you understand, find, engage and convert your Ideal Patient and HCP Populations and, in turn, make health care better.

The Healthcare Industry’s Premiere AI and ML Solutions

Patient Finding

Swoop, with intelligence by, uses advanced AI and machine learning to identify your Ideal Patient Population and their associated HCPs. We transform data into a deeper understanding of your Ideal Patients. Learn more about using Swoop to find patients in need of your therapy and their healthcare providers.

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Trigger Lists

Precision medicine demands precision timing, and Swoop’s trigger lists ensure that your sales team can find a potential patient’s HCP as soon as he or she enters your model. Don’t wait for your next NPI list refresh – get HCPs as soon as they are associated with new members of your Ideal Patient Population.

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Market Segmentation

Who is your ideal patient? Where do they live, what do they do, and how can you best reach them with messaging that fits their lifestyle? See how Swoop’s market segmentation ability helps you better define your patients.

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KOL Mapping

Nothing is more important to your brand than determining who the Key Opinion Leaders are for your patient population. With powerful AI tools, Swoop can help you discover the physicians who are most influential for your Ideal Patient Population. Find and activate your KOLs with Swoop.

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Digital Messaging

By building robust, custom targeting rules, Swoop is able to create and message specific segments of your Ideal Patient Population online. By leveraging health data, demographic data and URL-level data in a fully HIPAA-certified manner, Swoop can offer a powerful engine for reaching segments of interest in a targeted, cost-effective and privacy-safe way.

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What People Are Saying

Thanks for taking the time to explain your system. It’s incredibly exciting and particularly necessary for the dynamics of our disease state given the multiplicity of HCP specialties that are involved in diagnosis and treatment of patients that suffer from AHPs.

— Aaron Beitner, Associate Director, Brand Management Alnylam Pharmaceuticals


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