Precision Healthcare Marketing

Privacy-safe segments of ideal patients that are higher in quality and drive increased lift over conventional targeting approaches.

The Fusion of RWD and AI

The only HIPAA-certified and NAI accredited system that uncovers exclusive patient audiences to fuel optimal cross-channel DTC marketing strategies.

Better Patient Outcomes

Drive cross-channel education about new therapies and modalities of care that empower patients to become active participants in their medical journey.

AI-Generated Digital Audiences

Swoop harnesses the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in conjunction with Real World Data to uncover precise, privacy-safe audiences of ideal patients that are higher in quality, conversion and lift.





Every therapy is specialized and each brand is unique so we don’t believe in traditional condition-based segments. We seek to understand your challenges and business goals when designing custom audiences. Whether a market leader, a new entrant facing adherence challenges or are planning to execute a multi-product strategy, we can help.




Simply put, our record on compliance speaks for itself. We're the first technology consumer health data company to become a member of the NAI. Swoop also pioneered and patented a HIPAA-compliant "privacy by design" data architecture and founded our own Patient Advocacy and Privacy Board. We ensure 100% compliance with all laws, policies and guidelines.



Greater Lift

We maintain the industry's highest standard of performance, and if you reveal your proposed Audience Quality Benchmark upfront, we guarantee to meet or exceed it. Higher AQ drives greater patient engagement, optimizes conversion and ultimately increases lift, as well as boosts therapy adherence and thus patient lifetime value.

We Uncover Precise Patient Audiences

Our HIPAA-certified platform is powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence and evolutionary computation in conjunction with a granular longitudinal data pool that consists of 65 billion anonymous consumer transactions, 3,100 social determinants of health signals and 300 million unique de-identified patients with a 10 year look-back refreshed weekly.

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Of All Healthcare Systems
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Of All Hospital Facilities

The Swoop Difference

For too long, the pharmaceutical industry has been constrained by the antiquated thinking, processes and systems of a marketplace that produces broad generic one-size fits all DTC target audiences.  Simply put, conventional technology, data and service companies have failed to consider a brand’s specific market definitions, core therapeutic advantages and audience quality goals upfront. Swoop is changing all of this.


Precise target segments are built against your unique ideal patient definitions and brand objectives that will exceed your audience quality goals.

Quickly Deployed

No "one size fits all". Ideal patient segments are created and ready for launch in just 30 days with no cost ever to customize or update.


Choose from Programmatic, Social Media, Website Personalization, Addressable TV, Linear TV and On Demand Audio deployment.


Your data can be unified with our own data pool regardless of scale and then utilized for further fidelity when building custom audiences.


We drive superior ROI with built-In Audience Quality, Audience Insights, Patient Behavior and RX Lift reporting and analysis.


We are constantly curating new data streams, adding emerging technological capabilities and refining our augmented intelligence approaches.

Ready for Precision Healthcare Marketing?

Let’s discuss your business objectives, campaign goals and activation strategies. We'll build you an exclusive AI-generated digital audience with higher audience quality and greater lift over traditional one-size-fits-all approaches.