Matt Titus

Top 15 Pharma Company Lowers Call Center Volume by 46% and Saves $1.9 Million in Annual Affiliated Costs


With consumer health literacy on the rise and healthcare providers relying heavily on digital as the preferred point of interaction over field sales reps, enabling access to medical affairs is more than an FDA recommendation – it’s now a strategic pillar of healthcare and life sciences organizations. Healthcare providers, patients and consumers now expect 24/7/365 access to medical information and an immediate response to medical inquiries. At a minimum, this means intuitive self-service access through a preferred channel, at night or on the weekend with no change in customer experience. However, demand has outpaced the typical current infrastructure – it’s not feasible to hire enough qualified contact center agents locally and globally, or scale across drug portfolios and product lifecycles. 

Implementing Conversational AI Lifts Patient and Prescriber High-Value Activity by 825% and 400% for a Top Ten Pharma’s Neurological Drug

The Challenge 

Facing a massive growth of interest in their leading neurological treatment, a top...

Implementing Conversational AI for Always-on Engagement on

Conversational AI facilitates personalized, 24/7 interactions with patients and providers on...