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Privacy Safe Custom Audience Segments for Cross Channel DTC and HCP Marketing that Drives Higher Conversion and Rx Lift

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DTC Marketing

Targeting in 2024: What Brands Need to Know

By: Emilie Branch, Senior Content Manager, Swoop

A Look Forward to 2024

What marketers forecast for next year’s priorities and leading trends.

Rethinking TV Advertising: Prioritizing Privacy-Safe Custom Audiences to Increase Conversion and Improve Outcomes

Generating elevated script lift through TV campaigns is possible with strategic targeting and...

Bridging the Gap to Success in TV Advertising: Leveraging Data and Maximizing ROI

Kate Ludwig, VP of advanced TV partnerships for Swoop, explains the current challenges facing the...

Optimizing TV Engagement with Precise Patient Audiences

By: Emilie Branch, Senior Content Manager, Swoop

Uniting Fronts: How Aligning HCP and DTC Marketing Can Drive Rx Lift and Improve Patient Outcomes

By: Emilie Branch, Content Manager, Swoop 

Erin Deruggiero, Chief Digital Officer at Swoop, sat...