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Swoop Audiences Activated on CTV Leads to 20% of Likely Patients Scheduling an HCP Appointment, Driving Conversion for a Mental Health Drug

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Pharmaceutical brand marketers are often challenged by reaching and engaging patients and their caregivers, especially when targeting those with a sensitive condition. However, by using de-identified real world health data coupled with advanced artificial intelligence, it’s possible to provide any type of patient with the education needed to take charge of their health journey in a privacy-safe manner.


A top pharmaceutical brand wanted to make patients aware of the benefits of its drug portfolio for the treatment of a sensitive, low-population mental health condition through Swoop targeted audiences activated via connected television (CTV). The brand’s primary target were patients living with the condition, as well as those currently prescribed its initial line of treatment within the portfolio. In particular, there was a focus on an overrepresented yet underserved segment. The brand’s secondary target included adults acting as caregivers and/or support networks for those patients.


To tie the campaign directly to script lift and drive awareness and reach of the brand’s portfolio, Swoop utilized its real world health data consisting of more than 300 million de-identified patient journeys spanning more than a ten-year period, refreshed weekly. This expansive data was then fed into a proprietary artificial intelligence system to create a privacy-safe niche patient population segment of those living with the mental health condition, as well as their caregivers. These primary and secondary target groups were activated across streaming television inventory, enabling potential customers to be targeted while consuming their preferred content.


The Swoop-targeted CTV streaming campaign delivered a 16.9x targeting multiple, outperforming the industry standard target market benchmark by 12x. Within three months of the campaign launch, about 20% of the exposed ideal patients scheduled a visit with their healthcare provider.* These positive results for the pharmaceutical client demonstrate how impactful Swoop’s real world health data audiences can be, indicating a high level of precision targeting, especially when coupled with quality streaming inventory.

* As measured by an independent, third-party.

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