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1:1 Programmatic Campaign Results in 29:1 ROI and $1.6M Lifetime Patient Value in Four Months for Newly Launched Oncology Therapy

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By: Erin Ruggiero, Chief Digital Officer, Swoop


Pharmaceutical companies want to drive disease awareness, guide treatment options and establish their brand as the therapy of choice. However, most marketers rarely consider the content, message and channel preferences of patient populations and their HCPs at key intervals of their health journey. The result is wasted spend engaging the wrong audience, a lack of conversion and failure to elevate script lift. Swoop is changing all of this. 

The Challenge 

A pharmaceutical company wanted to increase physician awareness of a recently launched follicular lymphoma therapy. 

The Solution 

Swoop engaged a target list of priority HCPs through 1:1 programmatic activation. Safety and efficacy display banners were served on desktop and mobile while HCPs accessed non-endemic sites and apps.

The Outcome 

The campaign resulted in more than 500,000 impressions and greater than 2x the industry average click thru rate. This led to 8 new patient starts during the four month campaign, generating $1.6M in lifetime patient value, or a 29:1 ROI. 


About the Author

Erin Ruggiero

Chief Digital Officer
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Erin DeRuggiero currently serves as the Chief Digital Officer at Swoop, where she is focused on developing targeting and analytics products that allow brands to reach their ideal patient and health care professional audiences. Previously, Erin was the founder and CEO of TI Health where she brought more than 25 years of digital advertising, data and healthcare marketing experience. Prior to that, she founded SRAX, ad tech across industries that was up-listed on NASDAQ two years post launch, a milestone for a female-led healthcare tech startup. She has worked with pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical devices and their respective advertising agencies to create palpable, positive outcomes for hundreds of therapeutics, devices and brands. 


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