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Swoop Becomes First Healthcare Data Provider to Integrate Its Audiences with Nielsen

By: Emilie Branch, Content Manager, Swoop/IPM.ai

Swoop has announced a partnership with Nielsen, a...

Connecting Brands with Patients: The New Standard for Precision Targeting

By: John Seaner, CMO, Swoop/IPM.ai

Tapping into higher quality audiences leads to greater script...

MM&M’s Healthcare Marketers Trend Report 2022

By: John Seaner, CMO, Swoop/IPM.ai

The medical marketing landscape has undergone seismic changes...

Ron Elwell Wins MM+M’s Pinnacle Award

By: John Seaner, CMO, Swoop/IPM.ai

Ron Elwell, CEO and founder of Swoop is a proud recipient of ...

Android Announcement Compels Health Marketers to Use RWD

By: John Seaner, CMO, Swoop/IPM.ai

Google announced a plan to end cross-app tracking on Android...

Google’s Latest Cookie-Less Solution Falls Short for Health Marketers

By: John Seaner, CMO, Swoop/IPM.ai

Here we go again. Google has changed direction on how it will...

Apple’s iOS Update Compels Health Marketers to Adopt Digital Audiences

By: John Seaner, CMO, Swoop/IPM.ai

In April 2021, Apple began requiring an opt-in for consumers to...

Is There Life for Health Marketers After Facebook?

By: Ron Elwell, President, Swoop/IPM.ai 

Health marketers who utilize Facebook's audience segments...