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Driving Engagement at a Landmark Oncology Conference for a Leading Multiple Myeloma Therapy

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The Challenge

A leading multiple myeloma brand wanted to increase awareness of their therapy and engagement among influential KOLs during a widely attended oncology/hematology conference, capturing both live and likely virtual conference goers.

The Solution

Swoop leveraged its proprietary data graph to reach attending HCPs, also targeting them via gated geotargeting at the oncology conference center. Targeted media messaging was deployed to live attendees, as well as prior-year conference-goers likely attending virtually. Both groups were engaged utilizing product-specific mobile banner media, aimed at driving conversions and influencing prescribing behavior when HCPs were most receptive during the congress. 

The Outcome

Ads were served to HCPs while organically consuming preferred content, within apps and on mobile website browsers. The digital campaign generated a clickthrough rate nearly 2X industry standard, exposing nearly 3,000 targeted conference attendees and increasing time on site by more than 30 seconds during flight. Attendees were most engaged at 11AM during the early sessions/pre-lunch, with the most active days of the week taking place on Saturday/Sunday, which aligned with the conference opening days. 

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