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Elevating Script Lift for a Multiple Myeloma Drug by 21% Through HCP and DTC Activation at the Point-of-Care

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By: Scott Rines, President, Swoop


Pharmaceutical companies want to drive disease awareness, guide treatment options and establish their brand as the therapy of choice. However, most marketers rarely consider the content, message and channel preferences of patient populations and their HCPs at key intervals of their health journey. The result is wasted spend engaging the wrong audience, a lack of conversion and failure to elevate script lift. Swoop is changing all of this. 

The Challenge 

A multiple myeloma brand wanted to win market share among diagnosing physicians despite a competitive treatment landscape.

The Solution 

Swoop promoted a pharmaceutical company’s new indication to HCPs and likely sufferers at point-of-care locations where multiple myeloma was being diagnosed at high volumes. Messaging was delivered through banner advertising on non-endemic content via mobile and tablet devices. 

The Outcome 

Swoop delivered over 5M impressions, engaging more than 25,000 priority physicians and their patients, at point of care locations where the target ICD-10 codes were diagnosed the most. Engagement led to 44 New to Brand (NRx) starts and 21% script lift within ten months of promotion. This generated more than $1M incremental lifetime patient value, which was a 4.3:1 ROI.


About the Author

Scott Rines




Scott brings over 20 years of building performance-focused client development teams in health care and CPG. He previously served as Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer for Government Solutions Group as well as SVP of Business Development for Catalina Marketing. 

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