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From Tired to Wired: Transforming Brand.com with Compliant Conversational AI

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By: Emilie Branch, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Swoop

Swoop’s GM of Conversational AI, Matt Titus, presented at MM+M’s Transform event in NYC, sharing how pharma marketers can strategically capitalize on conversational AI – driving more meaningful customer engagement, optimizing campaigns using voice-of-the-customer insights while building brand loyalty and minimizing wasted spend. As it stands, the industry spends more than$8 billion annually on advertising, which often directs customers to “visit the brand’s website for more information” – despite an 80% bounce rate.

However, when implementing conversational AI, customers are more engaged, interacting on their terms and receiving accurate, MLR-approved answers to their medical questions in the moment of need. 

By being available on-demand for users, including current or potential patients, HCPs and caregivers, companies become the trusted resource as opposed to a third-party, leading to more high-value actions taken (such as downloading a conversation guide for speaking with a physician or subscribing to future product information). Additionally, marketers can leverage real-time insight from these users to better understand customer priorities, reaching them more effectively in future marketing campaigns.


Key Moments

:25 - Wasted Spend

1:57 - Tired to Wired

3:00 - 1991 Old Tech

4:22 - Conversational AI v

 7:30 - The Value of Conversational AI 

9:55 - How It Works

11:01 - For Brand Marketers

11:55 - Scalability/HCP Burnout

14:57 - Driving HVAs

17:35 - Q&A - Virtual Chat Preferred

18:45 - Build v Buy

 21:45 - Engagement

 22:51 - MLR Compliant

24:59 - Voice-of-the-Customer

About the Author

Emilie Branch 

Senior Manager, Content Marketing 

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Emilie has nearly a decade of experience in marketing, writing, research and strategy for the pharmaceutical industry. She has contributed to top pharmaceutical publications including American Pharmaceutical Review, European Pharmaceutical Review, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Manufacturing Chemist, Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, Specialty Chemicals, and Contract Pharma. Prior to joining Swoop/IPM.ai, Emilie served as Strategic Content Manager and Managing Editor for Pharma’s Almanac where she lent her voice to some of the industry’s top players including GSK, MilliporeSigma and ThermoFisher Scientific.