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Implementing Conversational AI Lifts Patient and Prescriber High-Value Activity by 825% and 400% for a Top Ten Pharma’s Neurological Drug

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The Challenge 

Facing a massive growth of interest in their leading neurological treatment, a top ten pharmaceutical company sought to digitally transform its consumer and HCP interactions by elevating the digital customer experience, boosting bottom-of-the-funnel engagement, better understanding the voice of the customer and driving physician prescribing behavior. 

The Solution 

Swoop implemented its conversational AI on the brand’s website, enabling MLR-compliant interactions with healthcare providers, patients and consumers regarding conditions, products and coverage. Utilizing the technology, the client was able to improve the customer experience, connect with potential users on demand and educate them about the condition as well as their treatment, improving outcomes overall.  

The Outcome 

By creating an always-on channel for 1:1 engagement, the brand improved the customer experience, driving consumer preference while encouraging altered prescribing behavior. Over 2,500 healthcare providers queries were answered successfully in the moment of need as well as over 90,000 patient inquiries, driving an 825% lift in patient high-value actions and a 400% lift in HCP high-value actions, compared to their prior static brand.com experience. Patients asked the agent about treatment, dosage, how it compared to a similar drug and for real patient stories. 

There was an almost even split between existing and potential prescribers to the agent, indicating that it’s not only playing a key role in brand exposure, but also generating brand loyalty among key physicians. Of the HCPs who interacted with the agent, 47% inquired about product information and safety, 29% on savings and coverage, while 11% requested samples. The agent effectively supplemented the brand website experience, with a high-value action funnel rate of 10.29% during Q4 of its launch year.  


About the Author

Matt Titus

General Manager, Conversational AI 



Matt Titus oversees the Sales and Customer Success teams, helping exceed customer expectations with the pharmaceutical industry’s leading conversational AI solution. Prior to Swoop, Titus held as the role of Chief Commercial Officer and Co-GM at epocrates, an athenahealth, Inc. company, leading the commercial, sales and marketing operations for the #1 medical resource app for HCPs. A frequent media contributor, Matt has delivered articles for MM&M, Pharma Executive, Pharma’s Almanac, and Authority Magazine. In addition to speaking at numerous conferences and webinars in the healthcare space, Matt was a featured speaker at the 2019 CES Digital Health Summit in Las Vegas, NV and the 2023 Reuters Pharma Customer Engagement Summit in Philadelphia, PA.