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Introducing Predictive AI, a New Approach to Targeting Before Health Events Occur

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A leading provider of patient and HCP audiences, Swoop recently launched predictive AI targeting, enabling marketers to anticipate patient needs and behaviors. This new, first-in-class approach allows more precise targeting ahead of major health events. Additionally, Swoop's conversational AI solution enriches the targeting process by facilitating real-time interactions on brand platforms, further boosting engagement and conversion. Through a comprehensive end-to-end approach that includes finding, reaching, and engaging audiences, it’s possible to elevate campaigns and increase ROI. 


About the Author

Katie Carr

EVP, Chief Revenue Officer



Katie Carr brings more than 20 years of client-facing experience to her role managing a team of professionals focused on helping pharmaceutical and life sciences brands leverage custom direct-to-consumer and healthcare provider audiences to improve engagement, drive Rx lift and optimize patient outcomes. Before joining Swoop, Katie held roles at Google and Microsoft where she was responsible for driving significant revenue growth for their advertising portfolios.