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Targeting a Custom MS Patient Audience Drives a 60% More Efficient CPC and a 44% Higher CTR

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By: Scott Rines, President, Swoop


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is often misunderstood, as the very name of it brings to mind images of wheelchairs and permanent disability. But that’s not the reality of the disease for everyone. Sometimes the effects of MS are visible, such as having trouble walking or hand tremors. Other times they are not as obvious. Invisible symptoms of MS, which often go unnoticed by other people, can also interfere with daily functioning and be just as debilitating.

While there are nearly one million people in the United States living with MS, reaching those impacted by the condition on Facebook and Instagram has become increasingly challenging following the removal of health-based targeting criteria in 2021.

The Challenge 

A leading biotech company, wanted to reach people living with MS, caregivers and advocates with custom social media content and social media influencer channels and direct them to a recently launched online platform. The goal of the campaign was to bring to life what disability looks like for people with the disease and elevate the importance of early treatment in helping to delay MS progression.

The Solution 

To help the client more effectively reach and engage the MS community online, Swoop leveraged its proprietary privacy-safe real world health data and advanced artificial intelligence to create custom MS patient audience segments for activation on Facebook and Instagram.

The Outcome 

By targeting custom MS patient audiences, the company's paid social campaign resulted in over 900,000 impressions and 22,900 link clicks, which drove a 2.53% click-through-rate (CTR) and $0.36 cost-per-click (CPC), outperforming the historic CTR benchmark by 44% and with a 60% more efficient CPC. Swoop not only helped drive users to explore the website and learn more about social media influencers’ personal journeys with MS but also enabled meaningful engagement between them and the community of patients the company serves.


About the Author

Scott Rines




Scott brings over 20 years of building performance-focused client development teams in health care and CPG. He previously served as Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer for Government Solutions Group as well as SVP of Business Development for Catalina Marketing. 

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